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Our operation

At Tōtika Health, unlike many other Mānuka Honey brands,  we produce and bottle our own honey. 100% of our operations are strictly guarded by our quality control that exceeds Ministry of Primary industry standards.
We currently hold the export licenses for EU, CN, JP, SUA and KR. 

RMP License Certificate: BOIHS2013 




Our Beekeepers look after our hives regularly to ensure a healthy living home for our Bees. When the season is right, we test our honey for its MGO and quality/authenticity before we start extracting at our factory.


Our Factory

honey bottling machine

Once the honey has been independently tested for its quality and authenticity, our factory starts bottling our honey.

Every single batch is checked by our quality control manager before it gets packaged into the final box.


Lab Test


Once we are satisfied that our honey meets the required MGO standards we send a sample to an independent lab to verify and authenticate our results. Our lab will test for MGO rating, Leptosperin, DHA and NPA rating.   


Our Store

based honey

Once our batch is cleared for dispatch by our ​quality control manager & Dr Isaac Flitta, goods will be shipped to various retail stores, including ours in Kerikeri, and to our online customers. 

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