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What's in our Honey?

100% Natural Mono-floral

Manuka Honey 520+ MGO


Leptospermum Scoparium

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA)

Non-Peroxide Activity (NPA)

Methylglyoxal Certified

What's Special About Totika Honey



Our Major


  • At Totika, we believe in true benefits of nature at its simplest/essence. Rest assured that our honey is not pasteurized and do not contain additives to enhance its appearance of flavour. 

  • Totika was founded by health professionals and takes pride in evidence-based products. 

  • Our Manuka Honey is 100% Mono-floral; signifying that it is 100% purely derived from the Manuka Tree. Every batch is tested by an independent laboratory to certify and prove its authenticity.

  • Our Honey is manufactured from start to end at our own factory to ensure and maintain quality control.

  • All our products meet the Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI) export requirements for Monofloral honey. 

  • Our MPI-certified facility RMP also has EU, CN, KR export eligibility.


  • We are grateful and treasure our hard-working bees that provide us with one of the most ancient medicinal and nutritional foods on earth. 

  • Our company focuses on practising sustainable and ethical beekeeping methods. All operations, from manufacturing to waste disposal are kept environmentally friendly. 

  • This ensures the protection of the delicate balance within the ecosystem.

Bee aware



Just as Nature


  • We sell our products to be consumed at its purest. Our honey is 100% Natural and raw. As a result, there is no expiry date, allowing constant freshness and true benefits from the honey. 


  • Our customers love the taste of our honey, some would say it is addictive too! This makes it a delectable treat for all ages and occasions- from a daily health booster or as a substitute in your cooking.

Taste of Honey



Certified & Approved 

  • All our products are independently certified for its authenticity quality and purity of genuine Manuka Honey.

  • The test verifies and measures three unique signatures found only in genuine manuka honey from New Zealand: Leptosperin, DHA, and Methylglyoxal (MGO). 

Totika Health ltd is a Kiwi owned business run and operated by health professionals. We are passionate in healthcare research and product development in Manuka Honey, Bee Venom, and Propolis for Medicinal Application. 

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Quality MGO
Tested Certified Manuka
New Zealand Made

414 Kerikeri road, Bay of Island

0230 New Zealand

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