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New Zealand

"Bees, Honey and Us
We built our story together"

Our director, Dr Isaac Flitta, comes from an extensive healthcare background specialising in orthopaedics bio-engineering and product design. He had previously worked at established healthcare firms internationally and as an academia with background in research. He saw a massive potential in pharmaceutical industry of honey and Bee

back in 2015 while he was undertaking research in this field. He decided to purchase an existing farm and factory where they were distributing and manufacturing honey for other major brands. In 2020, he decided to expand his operation in to pharmaceutics, when he started a joint venture with a New Zealand Registered Pharmacist. Together, the new brand Totika was born,

Dr. Isaac Flitta

Dr. Isaac Flitta

  • Dr Flitta launched the venture after discovering huge health benefits of Manuka Honey and Propolis, from a commissioned research at his previous firm. 

  • As a passionate entrepreneur and science enthusiast, Dr Flitta envisions his company growing into New Zealand's biggest natural health pharmaceutics that prides itself on producing evidence-based products. 


Hayden Lee

  • Hayden joined the Totika Family in 2020 to grow and lead it towards its pharmaceutics mission.

  • Hayden is an NZ registered pharmacist with a Bachelor's in Pharmacy (Hons) at the University of Auckland with a background in research for drug formulations and delivery.

Sara Samavati

  • Coming from an extensive research and formulation background, Sara holds a Master's degree in agriculture with accreditation in botanical formulations from the United Kingdom.

  • Sara posses an impressive 7-year experience in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry in the international market. 

  •  Being a scientist fueled with passion about organic formulation and benefits of natural health, she is in charge of product research, development and quality control. 

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