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This Manuka Honey DUO is composed of the best Manuka grades to have in your home:

* MGO 550+ (MF 15+): helps the immune system to keep up with all the germs attacks and prevents you from getting serious viral and bacterial infections. It also helps with sore throat, mild colds, mild stomach issues and prevents complications.

* MGO 850+ (MF 20+): is an ultra-strong grade that is highly effective to treat and help to relief serious respiratory infections (viral and bacterial) , gastro-intestinal infections and ulcers (H. Pilori and other antibiotics resistant bacteria), streptococcus (throat, skin, ...).

Take 1 to 2 tea spoons as needed per day.

Best to take on empty stomach or dilute in lukewarm water / hebal tea.

Never add to hot/ boiling liquids, only lukewarm.

Mānuka Honey DUO: MGO 550+ (MF 15+) & MGO 850 + (MF 20+) (250 gr each jar)

C$178.99 Regular Price
C$134.24Sale Price
  • This product has been certified and independently approved for its quality and MgO contents. We test all batches to ensure quality and assurance. Our products meet the Ministry of Primary industry requirements for export. RMP: BOIHS2013

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